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Romal is the embodiment of living beyond the label. After overcoming the setbacks of his upbringing and the destructive choices of his youth, he is now a sought out communicator, community strategist, and inclusion consultant. His platform, one of the most potent and rich stories of hope you’ll ever hear, is REDEMPTION. If it is true that a story must be lived before it is told, Romal’s story of redemption is as genuine as it is moving. With every opportunity he has to impact decision makers or crowds of people around the world, Romal is a cultivator of hope and dignity, moving individuals from setbacks to success as leaders, something he knows full well.

Since growing up in the trauma of poverty, violence, and the inner-city landscapes void of opportunity, he has triumphed to the heights of a Magna Cum Laude graduate of Howard University and Duke University School of Divinity, and the author of an Award-Winning Book entitled, “God’s Graffiti: Inspiring Stories for Teens”. What is different about Romal Tune is that when he takes the stage or sits down at the conference table, it’s as if he’s speaking only to YOU. With his own unique style that has won over international audiences, Romal leaves an impression on rooms full of people that are moved to action, compassion, and systemic change. By sharing his own powerful story and teaching strategies to move past pain and regret into dynamic leadership, Romal delivers a message of redemption with every opportunity to share.

Romal not only asks the question of WHY for many of the broken systems and structures in our world- education, poverty, technology, leadership, and more– he is also answering the HOW question, empowering others to create solutions and responses, currently in four continents around the world. Whether it is speaking with officials at an embassy, from podiums amidst thousands of business professionals, or motivating a conference filled with inner-city high school teachers, Romal shows you by example that your tomorrow doesn’t have to look like your today.

Romal’s life, the tangible evidence of his message, proves that redemption is still possible for successful leaders, students, and communities across the globe.

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