About Clerestory

In architecture the “clerestory” (pronounced “CLEAR-Story”) is the highest point of a wall containing windows that let in light. People and institutions have stories and a history that, often unconsciously, define and direct their actions. ClereStory is a process of shining a light on our inherited and experiential narratives to identify their purpose and value. Identification leads to the Construction of a “new story” that redeems our past and focuses us on desired future outcomes. Finally each workshop uses our ClereStory methodology to turn these “new stories” into Action with short-term strategic plans and immediate action steps as takeaways. ClereStory Workshop topics include:

ClereVision - Clarifying Purpose

This workshop focuses on aligning every aspect of life with a clear sense of direction and meaning. ClereStory principles are applied as a holistic model of looking at the impact of inherited and experiential narratives on family, friends, work, community, and faith. Participants are guided through the process of clarifying who they are meant to be in the world and the ways in which they add value to the lives of others. Workshop modules include:

•    Life in Six Words
•    Redeeming Your Story
•    ClereVision Plan and Action Steps

ClereLeadership - Professional Development

These workshops focus on how personal narratives show up in the workplace and impact performance. Examples and case studies are presented that show how story is successfully being used as a tool to enhance hiring and retention, cultivate improved team collaboration, and accomplish goals that exceed expectations. The ClereStory process is then taught and applied to uncover how story can have a positive impact on the bottom-line. Workshop modules include:

•     Leadership in a New Light
•     The Redemptive Workplace
•     ClereLeadership Plan and Action Steps

ClereEconomics - Overcoming The "Poverty Narrative"

This workshop uses the ClereStory methodology to shine a light on how social and inherited generational narratives influence ones ability to change their personal and professional life outcomes. The session begins by exposing how your story impacts your income and sense of personal value. Additionally, people who have risen out of poverty are shown how their spending and saving habits can still be influenced by a poverty mindset. The session concludes by processing inherited narratives and creating a new story that supports an economically sustainable life.
Workshop modules include:

•     Change Your Narrative and Change Your Life
•     Income Generation versus Wealth Creation
•     ClereEconomics Plan and Action Steps

ClereCommunity - Organizational and Team Development

This workshop looks at life through the lens of the streets and presents what organizations can learn from gang recruitment strategies. This powerful meta-narrative serves as an effective corporate metaphor that gives participants a glimpse into how these strong and resilient “families” nurture relationships, cultivate community, and build loyalty. Using the ClereStory process this session equips organizationswith principlesto enhance their internal culture, tools to effectively compete for the lives of young people in their communities, and methods to strategically engage any socioeconomic demographic.

•     Where Storyline Meets the Streets
•     Gangs of the Gospel
•     ClereCommunity Plan and Action Steps

Custom ClereStory Workshops

ClereStory is a robust process that can be customized to address a broad range of institutional and individual issues. The common tread is the need to “shine a light” on the inherited and experiential narratives behind virtually every life. The value of ClereStory Workshops lie in their ability to rapidly cultivate the kinds of new stories and action plans that make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and organizations.

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