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As founder of the trailblazing non-profit StudentSWAG, Romal Tune’s career has been dedicated to…

One transformational tenet: That every young person has a purpose.

Tune has emerged as a driving cultural and educational force, piloting a unifying framework for elevating positive academic outcomes for at-risk teens. By promoting STEM, fundraising, and building long term partnerships with key stakeholders, he provides students with pathways out of poverty for their families and communities.

By stewarding innovative programs such as Blueprint For Success (an initiative where teens are provided resources to navigate their academic future,) and S.W.A.G (Students With A Goal,) Tune, in his own words, affects change ‘where the outcomes can be quantified.’ Implementing sustainable initiatives to decrease dropout rates, Faith For Change has also enlisted entertainment and celebrity difference-makers such as hip hop entrepreneur Russell Simmons and Seattle Seahawks football star Richard Sherman as S.W.A.G ambassadors. Guided by a diverse board of corporate and community leaders, Faith For Change currently thrives as the signature Tune environment, where activists join community advocates and educators to engage and challenge at-risk young adults and provide the tools to build core learning and coping skills that can engender lasting academic achievement.


swag-splashThe launch of Blueprint For Success represents S.W.A.G’s curriculum in action. Buoyed by successful campaigns like S.W.A.G., which create an aura of ‘cool’ around setting academic goals, Blueprint For Success is a personal GPS for students to develop a tangible plan to achieve their educational goals. The program emphasizes hands-on workshops and workbooks, career and college tours, as well as providing tools and resources to connect students with additional educational and community support. The innovative program also provides a facilitator guide and online and onsite training workshops for community and educational organizations interested in partnering with ‘Blueprint’s’ multiple assets. Encouraging Ministry engagement and no-dropout zones within the faith-based community are also part of the ‘Blueprint’ mission, by transforming churches into educational ‘stakeholders’ to help ensure children stay in school and build the necessary skills for post-secondary education.

Author of the book God’s Graffiti: Inspiring Stories For Teens, Tune has also tailored his message to help teens and young adults overcome troubled pasts and hardships in their lives as they ‘reset’ towards a practical path for success. “It’s all about broadening and customizing a vision for their own futures,” says Tune. “It’s easier to dream again when a student sees that each small purpose accomplished is a real steppingstone towards that dream.”

The pilot program for Blueprint For Success will rollout this Fall at Verbum Dei School in Watts, CA and Laveen Elementary School in Phoenix, AZ.

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