I met Romal Tune after hearing him speak at Portland's Faith & Culture Writer's Conference. Romal is a dynamic storyteller with a powerful and wonderfully convicting story. Halfway thru his first talk, I realized I had stopped breathing. Looking around the room, I realized I wasn't the only one captivated by his honesty. Romal speaks with a wonderful blend of passion and humility and he engages his audience through vulnerability. His message resonated deeply and encouraged me to look at my faith through the lens of a changed and restored life.

- AMY IVEY, Blogger/Writer

We were able to bring Romal to Mobile for an incredible two-day experience. He was equally at ease in sessions with adults and with students. His powerful story of facing and overcoming the challenges he had while growing up mirrors what many students continue to face in their lives. He speaks of grace and overcoming adversity, and delivers a message of hope. Students easily relate to his message and desperately need to hear it. As part of his time with us Romal was able to talk to a class of inner city students. As I watched the faces of the attentive students and was struck by how empowered and vital his work is. Romal is a vessel for bringing hope to an overlooked generation. Romal is genuine, well prepared, and easy to work with. The size of the venue is irrelevant – he is consistently focused on helping hurting people find healing and hope.

Raise the Roof Project

I first encountered Romal when I was organizing the Faith Forward gathering, a networking and resourcing event for leaders. His enthusiasm for our work was immediately evident, and I was incredibly grateful that he agreed not only to speak at our gathering, but to attend the entire four-day event as an avid participant and co-learner will all others in attendance. Since this time, I have had the opportunity to hear Tune speak a few more times. Each presentation he has offered has been brilliant yet down to earth, eloquent and accessible. He speaks with conviction and passion, bringing attention to the people that many tend to forget about. While his messages are challenging, Tune encourages and equips audiences to take up the challenges he poses and make a difference in the world. Passionate, personal, and profound, Tune casts a vision that’s worth believing in.

Author, Speaker, Founder and President of Faith Forward

We have worked with Romal on several occasions and find him to be very knowledgeable, practical yet conceptually oriented, and extremely easy to work with. His expertise is unmatched and Tune generated quite an interest on our campus, as a whole, which in turn means that other departments and centers will be having Romal back on campus. Romal is an excellent communicator. His ability to talk on academic and scholarly issues while still being able to dialog with teenagers is a skill that not very many speakers are equipped with. Our center will be using his services again.

Director of The Center for
Youth Ministry Studies

If you are looking for a powerful speaker that will challenge how you think and touch people’s hearts, Romal is your man. He has an innate ability to weave stories from his life with the realities we face today in ministry in a way that challenges and gives hope.

Wesley Theological Seminary
Professor of Urban Ministry

When speaking, Romal shares with integrity about his own journey from brokenness to redemption. He knows what it takes to do the hard work of putting his life back together, and he loves to invite others into this same journey of healing and wholeness. But most of all, I appreciate Romal’s humility. He’s a man ready to serve the audience he’s speaking to. You won’t regret booking him for your next conference; he will do what it takes to connect with the crowd and will stick around long after, talking to everyone who’s in need of hearing his personal story of hope.

Blogger, Writer

Romal is one of the few entrepreneurial consultants working successfully at the intersection of faith, the private sector, and education to address the needs of leaders. He is making a significant impact in communities across the country and inspiring people to lead differently in the world. Romal demonstrates how it’s possible by sharing his own journey. My organization, FTE, hosts a national forum on leadership each year for young adults exploring and imagining how to make a difference in the world. Tune was invited to come lecture and provide a workshop on his book, God’s Graffiti. He was authentic, accessible and present to leaders throughout the event. Romal shared lessons learned and the wisdom he has gained by reflecting on his own story, struggles and journey toward becoming a successful leader. Conference attendees were moved and inspired to explore the wisdom in their own stories. Romal is an exemplary leader and a consummate professional. I highly recommend him to others seeking to inspire their teams to lead more effectively by connecting purpose and passion.”

President, FTE

“We are called to love people (even those who are incapable or unable to love back) beyond the mistakes they have made- and, in so doing, we come face to face with shame, personal biases, and our own painful stories.” ~Romal Tune

These challenging and grace filled words culminated a full day of learning what happens when we, as leaders, respond to God’s call to serve in places where compassion and justice clash. As I listened to Romal’s story, my heart was pierced by the perspective from a young boy’s view, “I watched people come and go in and out of the doors of that church across the street…I wondered what happens inside that building…no one invited us to come…they didn’t even know my name.” Ouch. Sad. Tragic.
Late that night, a woman sitting on the steps of a church asked a colleague and me for spare change. Before we could answer she said, “I’m hungry.” We gladly agreed to buy her food and the three of us began to talk and walk together. As Romal’s words, “they don’t even know my name” flashed through my thoughts, she extended her hand and said, “My name is Deborah, and I am a Methodist.” After we introduced ourselves, she told us about her daughter, her father, and some details of the circumstances that led her to ask for food.
She asked why we were here (I wonder what happens inside that building?) and, when we told her, she and the employee at the pizza franchise were thankful some of our group walking by the church heard her voice and responded (I watched people come and go in and out of the doors of that church across the street). We were grateful for the resources to help, that we didn’t have to say, “We wish we had been intentional” and, more importantly, we learned her name – it’s Deborah. In those moments it was a privilege to join her around the table of grace set for us each day. Change IS a contact sport!

Allison Posell, Licensed Professional Counselor
Aldersgate UMC, Montgomery, AL

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