Talk Topics

Each of the talks listed below are delivered through a narrative storytelling approach that allows participants to reflect and apply the tools to transform their lives at various stages of the journey.


Leadership & Professional Development

These talks focus on workplace dynamics and how understanding personal narratives show up in the workplace impacting performance. These talks also look at how story can be a tool that has a positive impact on the bottom-line. Examples are used that show it is possible to use story as a tool to accomplish goals beyond what was expected, influences hiring and retention, and cultivates improved team collaboration.

Redemptive Workplace

Inspirational & Motivational

These inspirational and motivational talks look at life through the lens of men and women whose stories were complicated by family and community challenges. In addition to sharing how it is possible to pursue purpose in spite of past pain, these talks provide tools for building a positive sense of self-worth and self -confidence. The examples used highlight essential truths that there is more to your story than struggle, which requires courage to dream, the ability to focus on the dream and not distractions, and defeating doubt.

The Courage to Dream
Living Beyond the Limitations of Labels
Defeating Doubt
Turning Mistakes into Miracles

Overcoming Poverty

Focuses on how social narratives and inherited generational narratives can negatively or positively influence the ability to change life outcomes. In addition to looking at how your story impacts your income, this talk also looks at how even when a person has risen beyond poverty, spending and saving can still be influenced by a poverty mindset. The presentation addresses how to assess inherited narratives and create a new narrative that supports positive outcomes and sustainable living.

Change Your Narrative and Change Your Life: Work versus Wealth Creation.

Urban Ministry

A look at life through the lens of the streets and what the church can learn from gang recruitment strategies. Participants get a glimpse into how young people on the streets nurture relationships, cultivate community and build loyalty. This talk equips churches with tools to effectively compete for the lives of young people in their communities.

Gangs of the Gospel: Where Storyline Meets the Streets

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